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Who are we?

Lawn Rescue is a Canberra based company specialising in artificial and natural turf installation, and renovation. Owner/Operator Mark has over 20 years of experience as a qualified greenkeeper in the Canberra region. Call us today to discuss your requirements. Or, send us an email to request a quote now.

Have your lawn look great all year round. Artificial grass stays green even through the cold winter. Forget watering, forget mowing, forget fertilising. Artificial grass is easy to manage and extremely durable.

artificial turf

Keep it old school, natural turf not only looks great but creates an ecosystem for plant life and animals to thrive. Natural turf is very environmentally friendly and will stay significantly cooler than an artificial surface, not to mention it looks great.

natural turf

Keep your lawn green and healthy with Lawn Rescue's fertiliser program. Fertilising has a number of benefits, including an improved coverage of grass on your lawn, a natural resistance to weed growth, and it creates a beautiful environment for the whole family to enjoy.


Have some stubborn soil that you just can't seem to break through? Rotary hoes help to break up compacted soil to create the perfect environment to grow grass or other plants. Lawn Rescue are happy to tackle the job with the use of a rotary hoe. No job is too big or too small. Call today.

rotary hoe

Lawn coring is an essential part of keeping a healthy, natural lawn. It works to provide the rootzone with greater access to air, water, and fertiliser. It also helps to reduce thatch build up and keeps your lawn nice and tidy!

lawn coring

Is your lawn beginning to show signs of wear? Do you have lots of bare patches that could be filled with grass? Reseeding improves the overall health of your lawn, and will fill in brown balding patches damaged by pets, pests and the kids by creating lush new growth!


Scarifying provides a number of benefits to your lawn. It helps to remove organic matter from the surface of the lawn, giving your lawn a better opportunity to breathe. It can refresh your lawn and help it absorb water and nutrients much more easily. Scarifying helps promote new growth and keeps your lawn from becoming too spongey.


Has your lawn reached it's expiry date? If matt and thatch becoming a big issue for you, and your lawn is past the point of scarifying, turf cutting could be the answer for you. Lawn Rescue will turf cut your tired old lawn and are happy to replace it with an artificial or natural lawn of your choice.

turf cutting

Topdressing is important to improve your lawns uniformity and smoothness. It helps to cover any dips or holes in your lawn to create a nice flat area for the whole family to enjoy.

top dressing

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